Suffering From Eye Problems? You May Be Lacking Vitamin A

Vitamin A is vital and somewhat misunderstood. Ask any individual about the advantages of this vitamin, and you will probably hear that it is for good eyesight.

The truth is, the benefits of Vitamin A extend beyond keeping our eyesight healthy. Vitamin A (or retinol) also boosts our immune system and promotes bone growth, reproduction, and skin health. It also keeps vital organs such as lungs, heart, and kidneys in good condition.

Vitamin A is critical to many bodily functions, but we’re not always getting enough due to dietary, lifestyle, and metabolic factors. Eating green and yellow vegetables is sometimes not enough.

A research conducted by Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) last 2015 shows that most Filipinos are Vitamin A deficient. The daily body requirement for men and women are 700 mcg and 600 mcg, respectively. However, the average daily intake only falls at 517.8 mcg, making majority of Filipinos prone to night blindness, measles, loss of bone density, bulging of anterior fontanelle due to increased intracranial tension, and mental retardation.

The study suggests that Filipinos are at risk of suffering from visual impairment, dry eyes and skin, delayed growth, and weaker immune system – making majority of the population more vulnerable to infections.

While Vitamin A deficiency is evident, it is important to always keep an eye on your health. Eating the right food can provide an excellent defense against Vitamin A deficiency. FNRI strongly recommends eating foods rich in betacarotene, such as dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes (camote), mangoes, and pumpkin (kalabasa). Vitamin A is also found in fortified foods such as beef liver, cereals, eggs, butter, and milk.


Ask your physician about nutrient evaluation to determine if you are Vitamin A deficient. An accurate diagnosis of your retinol level can help your doctor recommend a personalized dietary and supplementation plan that will help maintain a healthy amount of Vitamin A.