Cadmium Test

Cadmium is often used in paints, batteries, plastics, mining and furniture with fire retardants, human exposure can be by ingestion of contaminated food/drinks or inhalation through waste incineration. Chronic health effects include kidney damage, bronchiolitis, emphysema and bone/joint damage.

3,000.00 60 minutes

    Patient preparation

  • (Blood) 1 day prior: Refrain from eating seafood.

  • (Urine) 1 Day Prior: Patient should refrain from eating seafood Limit water intake to a maximum of 2 liters only. Collect first morning void midstream clean catch urine. Female patients should not collect urine during a menstrual period.

Method: ICP
Specimen: Whole Blood
Analysis Day: Tueday, Wednesday & Thursday
Release: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday