Osteocalcin Test

Osteocalcin is the most important non-collagen protein in the bone matrix. It is produced by osteoblasts and is
widely accepted as a marker of bone osteoblastic activity. It also acts as a hormone to adjust insulin and glucose
levels, increase testosterone, and improve muscle strength and cognitive function.

7,500.00 60 minutes

Test Overview

Test measures the amount of osteocalcin in serum. It is considered a marker of bone turnover rather than a specific marker of bone formation.

Clinical use: Monitoring of treatment for osteopenia, osteoporosis and Pagets Disease As an adjunct test in the diagnosis of medical conditions associated with:

• bone formation disorders such as Paget's disease, Osteomalacia, rickets, fractures, acromegaly and bone metastasis

• thyroid and hormonal related conditions including hyperparathyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, insulin resistance, growth hormone deficiency and renal osteodystrophy.

Monitoring of patient undergoing therapy of antiresorptive agents such as bisphosphonates or hormone replacement therapy

Patient Preparation

No intake of multivitamins or any supplement containing Vitamin B7 (Biotin) for 12 hours prior to blood extraction Preferably 10-12 Hours Fasting to avoid spike of Biotin from high biotin food sources such as legumes, egg yolks, organ meats, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, avocados & sweet potatoes.

Method: ELISA-based Test
Specimen: Serum
Turnaround time: Cut off every Monday 4PM, release by Thursday 12NN