The First Nutrient Laboratory in the Philippines

We are the region’s pioneer in advanced specialty diagnostics in the area of metabolomics—the study of the individual chemical fingerprints left behind by certain metabolic and cellular processes. About Us >

Cutting-Edge Technology and Validated Analytical Methods

We provide clinicians with nutrient-focused diagnostic services that contribute to holistic patient care management and better treatment outcomes.

Going Beyond Diagnosis of Disease

We go beyond typical organ-based testing and instead examine cellular health. We developed tools to measure critical indicators, including nutritional deficiencies, toxin exposures, and inflammation markers for actionable and targeted interventions.

Diagnostic Services

We use the most comprehensive and accurate intracellular nutritional assessment tools and methods to evaluate deficiencies and toxicities that contribute to the development, acceleration, and complication of diseases.

Our nutrient tests can help clinicians prepare actionable and targeted interventions to restore the body to balance and optimize its functions through personalized nutritional support, diet modification, detoxification, and reduction of environmental influences.

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MetaMetrics Laboratory – Introduction

Lifestyle and food choices along with exposure to harmful elements affect our cells, increasing risk of developing chronic and immune conditions. MetaMetrics offers comprehensive diagnostics at the cellular level, to provide clinicians and patients with actionable and targeted interventions towards better treatment outcomes.