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Nutrients are essential vitamins and minerals integral to growth, development, and good health. Each nutrient is responsible for specific physiological functions, which makes every nutrient unique and irreplaceable. Any disruptions to your body’s nutritional balance can leave a substantial impact on health.

Every person has a unique biochemical individuality—an individual’s need for particular nutrients and the ability to metabolize them are influenced by factors such as diet, age, lifestyle, genetics, and medical conditions. Identifying if micronutrient requirements are met should be done without guesswork.

Our 7 Specialty Nutrient Panels are designed to reveal nutrient imbalances that put your health at risk. Each nutrient panel measures intracellular nutrient levels that affect specific health concerns and body organ functions.

These nutrient panels can:

  1. Reveal deficiencies and toxicities that can contribute to the development, acceleration, and complication of specific diseases and health concerns, like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, immune response, chronic conditions, energy metabolism and mental performance, skin diseases and allergies, mother and fetal health during pregnancy, and others.
  2. Provide clinically actionable information that will enable clinicians to develop personalized dietary and supplementation protocol based on individual test results.

To learn more about the importance, impact, and test information, select a nutrient panel below.