Always Feeling Tired and Weak? You May Be Iron Deficient

Everyday is a daily ordeal to an average working adult. You wake up early, battle through heavy traffic, work 8 or more hours a day, go home extremely exhausted, and fall into your bed while pondering on the obligations you must face tomorrow — a never-ending cycle working adults must endure.

Stress-induced fatigue can lead to a range of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms such as chronic tiredness and headache. If you often experience fatigue, chances are you have Iron deficiency.

In the early stages of this deficiency, Iron is reduced until fully consumed by bodily functions. Iron deficiency anemia occurs once our Iron supply cannot support the red blood cell formation anymore. This can happen due to of poor nutrition, inflammatory bowel disease, and heavy bleeding during menstrual periods.

A healthy level of Iron is crucial to our bodies’ ability to transport and process energy. When taken in excessive amount, Iron toxicity can lead to constipation, nausea, abdominal pain, and faintness. But in the Philippines, majority of Filipinos are on the deficient side. As per the Food and Nutrition Research Institution (FNRI), most Filipino adults receive only 9.7 mg a day, whereas the recommended daily iron intake is 10-20 mg for adult men and 20-30 mg for adult women.

When Iron inadequacy gets severe, you will experience fatigue accompanied by paleness, shortness of breath and dizziness that may affect your productivity, performance, and quality of work.

To combat Iron deficiency, FNRI recommends the consumption of pork and poultry, dark green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, seeds and nuts, dried fruits, and seafood as daily sources of Iron.

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Ask your physician about nutrient evaluation to determine whether you have Iron deficiency. An accurate diagnosis of the Iron level in your blood can help your doctor recommend a personalized dietary and supplementation plan that will help maintain sufficient Iron stores.