How You and Your Partner Can Stay In Shape Together

We are all familiar with the notion that happy couples tend to gain weight together. The usual suspects include eating out on dates, staying indoors and watching movies together, and most interestingly, being too comfortable with each other and no longer feeling pressured to look their best.

Staying fit may be challenging to do alone, but it gets easier when you have a partner. Here are some healthy habits that can help you and your partner stay in shape:

1. Cut down on dinner dates!
Fancy dinner dates at a restaurant are surely enjoyable, but so is cooking healthy meals at home! Restaurant meals are often served in hefty portions, which of course comes with extra calories. Cooking your own meals gives you control over serving sizes & ingredients.

2. Cut down on junk & carbs.
Who wouldn’t enjoy hotdog, popcorn, and chips while watching a movie? Replace high-calorie food with the same munch and crunch of guilt-free snacks like nuts, dark chocolate, and fruits.

3. Exercise together.
It takes two to tango, so go out and sweat it out! Good alternative to movie nights include jogging around the park, walking, and biking to burn some calories together.

4. Agree on a meal plan.
Measure and control your meal size, content, and variety! To lose one pound per week, limit your calorie intake to 2000 per day for men, and 1500 calories for women.

Sample Meal Plan

Science seems to agree that couples who lose weight together, stay together!1 Ask your physician about nutrient testing to discover any nutritional imbalances. An accurate diagnosis of you and your partner’s micronutrient levels can help the physician recommend a personalized dietary and supplementation plan that will help you lose weight and stay together longer.

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